Ivy Park Vibes🔥

 3 Ways— The Beyhive🐝brand inspires discipline and play!


Ivy Park

The Breakdown:  “Ivy” inspired by Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy, and “Park” represents the power!

Beyonce: “There are things I’m still afraid of. When I have to conquer those things, I still go back to that park. Before I hit the stage, I go back to that park.”



 Where’s your park? 

Sanestina: “When I need to get back in balanced, my park is on a yoga mat…. here, I sit in silence, reconnect and get inspired!” 💛

3:4 modeling shot
Model Sanestina


“The park became a state of mind.”



Top Shop Model

Shine in this silver sequin midi skirt match with the crop top by Ivy Park! Sparkle confidence wherever life takes you!

Tips: Great lounge look with friends, or to dinners! Dress with sliders or sneakers for relaxed days!


“I pushed myself to keep going, it taught me discipline…”

~ Beyonce


                                                             Shopstasy Model

The Athletic wear inspires discipline, hardwork, and consistency in her fans. It’s all about the mind, stay positive! Don’t Quit! “Girls Run the World.”  Rock this look on your next jog, run or gym trip! Get now!


“The park is what made me who I am.”



Top Shop Model


Asymmetrical Logo Cut dress gives the ultimate beyhive🐝 vibes! I love the turtle neck-bold logo design. Show off your Ivy Park wear! Get this look!



More Ivy Park Accessories? Click here





“Get in Formation.”


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Rain Gear—Ready ☔️

      Whatever weather keep dry in these cute items!

Image result for hunter cute boots
Hunter Boots

Hunter Rain Boots

As the seasons change so should we! Get Hunter boots for all waterproof needs. Standout in style, and keep your Other boots dry! Feel great in all weather with protective gears. A game fashion is your best friend!

  • Real Water Proof
  • Hand Crafted, natural rubber
  • Light Weight


“Dance in the Rain.”


Macy Model

Macy’s Clear Bubble Umbrella

All smiles in fashionable items make life better! Stay ready in the hottest wears! There’s no excuse to freeze in soaked clothes! Rock this see-through umbrella, and let rainy days  shine through you! Click here!

  • Wind resistant
  • Easy clean
  • Push runners to close


“Change styles like Seasons.”



Shop-Bop Model

Bright colors are great approaches for ponchos! Don’t let rain ruin your clothes without one! Handy features include, front flip pockets for quick store on the go items, draw string hood, and snap buttons to secure clothes. Get Poncho now!

  • Fabric: Vinyl
  • 100% polyurethane
  • Wash cold

“Gear-up your rain wear.”


My Accessories London heritage check scarf
ASOS Model


London Heritage Check Scarf!

Love this!!! Unpredictable rainy days are a challenge. More importantly, look cute even when the weather is moody! Combat in style, and stay warm…No sick days! Get Look

  • Warm Fabrics
  • Long
  • Print


“Preparation is Key”



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Romper-Jumper Fever! ⭐️

  Which gorgeous one-piece fashion are you?



Earthy Jumper ~ Step outside the box

ASOS 5’10 model freely kickback’s in sleeveless olive green jumper! The bright yellow beanie highlights, her long legs, short hair, and sneakers choice.


  1. Easily adjust the waist to size. 
  2. Consider strapless bras for appropriate fit
  3. Sneakers or heels  


“Freestyle your Fashions!”



Floral Romper~   Feeling warm already…

Sanestina’s Favorite! If you didn’t know this fact, I love florals not just as my screensaver, but for extra special days whatever that means…

Pac Sun’s MinkPink Floriana Romper Woven fabric shorts keeps it subtlety interesting! I love her thin long sleeve elastic cuffs, and sweet pink flowery style! Perfect for fun days at  the beach, shopping, or just a casual day outdoors! Remember, modesty last longer. Less is more! Get Now

  • Deep v-neckline
  • 100% Polyester
  • Wrap skirt

“Floral Vibes.”


ASOS Model

Business Deals ~ PowerMoves

Get it Girl! Bold satin blue jumpsuit, fits stunningly! Never underestimate the power of fashion and how it changes lives.

Wear to interviews, meetings, dinners, or…hot date nights!

  • Flats, heels
  • Clutch
  • Gold, silver earrings


“All Occasion Wear.”


Slide View: 1: Lost + Wander Zodiac Cross-Front Ruffle Jumpsuit
Urban Outfitter Model

Baby Your A Star~  Just Shine

Lost+ Wander Zodiac Cross Front Ruffle Jumpsuit is life.  Hardcore boots cut creates the ultimate moonlight.            

  “Unfold Naturally.”


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Stay Shady In These Top Sunglasses🌼😎

Love and Protect your eyes fashionably with every move and style! 


Model/Actress Sanestina 

Ray-Ban Light Shade~ Busy Body

Life in Los Angeles speaks for itself! It’s HOT all the time, and some days are overcast. I love to rock darker sunglasses with every chance of exposure! The sun never take breaks, instead UltraViolent (UV) rays work harder! Eye protection are must haves fashionable accessories!

  • 100% UV 
  • Shaped Oval
  • Slip Free

“Think protectively and fashionably.” 


Slide View: 1: Ray-Ban Round Flash Sunglasses
Urban Outfitter Model 

Ray-Ban Round FLASH Sunglasses~  Mirror yourself 

Retro metal sunglass gives extra shine for glossy days! This brand blocks also more than 99% of reflective lights! Wear these for the ultimate swag attitude! Ray-Ban’s multi-mirror glasses has two two jobs; reflect your image and the worlds! Get now $178.00

  • Perfect nose grip
  • crystal lenses
  • curve brow bar

“Love Your Reflections.” 


Urban Outfitter Model 

Nova Slim Cat-Eye Sunglasses ~

Stray away from usual shapes with these cute sexy, slim fierce frames! I love this look for fun nights out! Nova, cat style compliments high cheek bones, and leaves a mystery behind! Click here to find your under $20

“What’s your fashion identity?”


Slide View: 1: Solar Specs Vintage Orbiter Round Metal Sunglasses
Urban Outfitter Model

Solar Spec Vintage Orbiter Round Metal Sunglasses ~ Stay Shady

Starch and glare resistant glasses gives 100% UV/ UVB protection! Fit most facial shapes perfectly with nose slides. Remember, darker shades always work best to hide bright lights and high sun exposure! Click here only $26!

  • Slip Free
  • Silicone Nose Pads
  • Optic Quality



“Shine Bright Glare Resistant!”


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7 Tips—For The Hottest Vest😍

Sleeveless never looked so HOT in all seasons, occasions and personalities!

buttined knitted vest 2
Zara Model

Buttoned Knit Sweaters  ~     Her way. Her Style. Her Confidence.

  1. Details are everything in rounded neck vest! Zara’s golden ribbed skirt brings out her inner and outer beauties, with perfected bedded and metallic highlights. The 5’10 model shows off her petite posture in studded combat boots! Add, jewelry to easily extend all styles! Get yours at Zara just $25.99


“Jewelry extends beauty.”


fur vest
Akira Model 

Call Me Queen Faux Fur Vest ~ Take me to Narnia vibes

2. Simple elegance goes a long way! Her black turtleneck sweater and jeans, solidly compliments this fur vest! Stay in control. Step outside flawlessly! You have places to go and money to make! The queen faux vest fit all – 100% polyester lining. Dry clean only! Read my turtle-neck blog and learn how to wear one!!! Get $54.90 on Akira

“Step outside the box.”



madewell shopbop jean vest
Madwell Model


Keep it Original ~ Baby Blues 

3. I love this wear. Kinky hair and all! Takes me back to the 90’s, when jean jackets, and baggy clothes became popular. Her plain white collared t-shirt refreshes the dark blue vest and light jeans! Great for casual days at work or festive weekends. Click here to rock this look!


“Black Girls Rock.”

Image 2 of WRAP VEST from Zara
Zara Model 

Pure Perfection~ Fierce at it’s finest 

4. White wrap vest speaks boldness. The 5’10 model owns her look with perfectly slanted body! A choice of shirtless wear depends on the occasion or personality perhaps! This long vest challenges cleanliness through the day! Just $35.99 at Zara.


“All White Party.”



Athleta Model 

Workout Vest ~ Sweat with comfort…

5. Quick jogs or runs suits this look comfortably! The Athleta vest warms your neck and back with it’s elongated collar. Stretch pants are nice for all purpose workouts. Stay cool, fit, and healthy and burn those calories. Shop fitness vest $61-$100.



“Feel good in workouts.”



Gap Model


ColdControl Max Sherpa Puffer Vest ~ Freestyle

6. Floral highs all day for little diva’s! Gap for kids cute fun white vest coordinates her choices well. Pockets designed for candy and keeps hands warm on cool breezy days. Rock with any color jeans, and long sweatshirts! $34.99 Click here



“Dress Freely.”



military long vest
Nordstorm Model

Military Inspired Longline Vest ~

7. Modesty speaks volumes where ever you go! Inspired gold collar, front end pockets, and skinny jeans prepares for busy days! Long sleeve turtleneck stripes are flawless! Great wear to auditions, nights out, or headshots. Get at Nordstorm $59.97 



Love Love Love… and Love



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3 Ways To Style Overalls😱

Create and Adore the 90’s Re-mixed with Today’s Fashion Freedom!

yellow overalls
Forever 21 Model 

Live Out Loud-

Life is all about freedom! Why not wear what you love? Do what you love? And be with who you love? These yellow overalls represents a classic freedom where old school meets new school! A little vintage and personality. Get a pair!


    “Create Fashionable Wardrobes.”

pink overalls 



the baggy look overalls
GAP Model

The Baggy Approach-

Confidence needs no introduction! The 90’s fashions mixed with today’s trends takes over! Her colorful plaid sweatshirt highlights this gorgeous Turtleneck, complimenting the boots! Click here for more…


“Fashion is uniqueness.”

black short overalls




levi overalls
Maxwell Model

Skinny Legs Forever-

Black and white statements are everything! Get comfortable! Dress your overalls too in bandanas, and no sock sneakers! Don’t forget to swag it out. Let creativity shine and standout boldly. Click here!



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Why—Long Puffers Are Must Haves?💙⛄️

Warm and sexy looks better on you! Checkout these long-wear winter looks! By~ Sanestina


long winter wear
“When opportunity meets preparation.”
  1. Forget Your Cold Weather Worries~

 Own your go-to winter styles with class, especially for travels, or quick outings! Puffer jackets are made with 100% polyester, wool  and other fabrics to secure a warmer winter! Stay bold in thicker coats perfect in 30 degrees!

“Winter Vibes.”


bakc to back long coat 5
“Long Legs Is Life.”

2. Long and Classy Reveals All…

I love this look! And…yes it is fine to wear leggings under Down Jackets! The obvious, greatly depends on Your weather conditions! Here, in Sunny, Southern California,  we create cold weathers… well at least in Films/TV shows.

Style is almost everything in Hollywood! We love to show off and strut fashions all day long! Bright lights and cameras make dreams come true! Meanwhile, social media overloads and detoxes are common! These jackets are must haves for late night filming in the cold.

gold trum 4 long coat
“Stay prepared so you won’t need to get ready!” 


“The cold never felt so Good…”

3. Whole Body Feels~

Waist jackets are fine too, however some are worn inappropriately with under garments  out. I know you’ve seen it. Don’t be HER. Cover up! The right guy will find you even dressed in thick layers! (just saying) Down coats fits all body-types the right way.

“The Fur Look!”


“Shine Bright Like A Diamond.”

4. Colors Compliments~

Ahead of the game with lasting uniqueness! This ruffle wear takes flawless to a new level. A head turner. “All the way around!” Shop at your local department stores. Prices range from $200-$500. Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, Canada Goose, The North Face, Kate Spade, Micheal Kors, and of course Nordstrom!!!


cherry red long puffer
“Color Vibes.”

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