Photo 3 Two young African American gay men are dressed in tight clothing on Hollywood Boulevard on the walk of fame in front of Urban Outfitters street Sunday. Age Group 1 (Jayden) 10 Denotative Two gay black guys showing of their goods in tight clothing on the hollywood walk of fame. Connotative They were probably dancing for tips like every other street performer there. The guy with the pants looks as if he was apprehensive to why you were taking his picture.  Age Group 2 (Patty) 44 Denotative Are those girls or guys? It looks like they are getting ready … Continue reading

Photo 2: A man laying on the side walk holding a sign on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.   Group 1 (Jayden)  Denotative- A homeless guy asking for money laying on the sidewalk with a gallon of water because he’s planning to sit there all day. Connotative- He wants people to feel sorry for him and give him money. Group 2 (June) Denotative  He’s not homeless, but he probably doesn’t have a lot of money. Connotative-this man is trying to serve the people by writing a bible scripture  Proverbs 1:22 on a card board box to see if people … Continue reading