Photo1:  A photo of two white cops who stops a black man dress in basketball attire on Hollywood boulevard in Los Angeles.

Age Group 1 (Jayden) 10 Denotative two cops having a conversation with a black man. Connotative- They probably wanted to know if has a citation for seeing a performing street acts. 

Age Group 2 (Patty) 44 Denotative They are probably antagonizing and questioning him about what he was doing. Connotative maybe they thought that he was doing something illegal. 

Age Group 3 (June) 60 Denotative What is he selling on the streets?Is that why the cops are there.  Connoative Why are there to cops there what could they possibly want, he just wants to make a few bucks. 

Myself Sanest Denotative Two cops were explaining the public rules to this entertainer. Connotative They were giving him a citation warning calming so that a big scene didn’t happen. I notice that the kid who was with the man started clearing the table and folding it as if they were getting ready to leave. 

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