Photo 3 Two young African American gay men are dressed in tight clothing on Hollywood Boulevard on the walk of fame in front of Urban Outfitters street Sunday.

Age Group 1 (Jayden) 10 Denotative Two gay black guys showing of their goods in tight clothing on the hollywood walk of fame. Connotative They were probably dancing for tips like every other street performer there. The guy with the pants looks as if he was apprehensive to why you were taking his picture. 

Age Group 2 (Patty) 44 Denotative Are those girls or guys? It looks like they are getting ready to dance especially the guy with the skirt. Connotative, maybe they are trying to raise money for food or something because they don’t look like they have a job.

Age Group 3 (June) 60 Denotative What the heck are they doing? He’s knowing that skirt is too short for him to be wearing out in public like that. Connotative The hispanic guy with the white shirt looks like he’s trying to tune the two out to whatever noise they’re making. I think the gay men are trying to fit in with rest of hollywood crazies.

Myself Sanest Denotative Two gay men are just making fun out the day, in an area where it’s normal for gay people to express themselves rather in clothing or personality. Connotative They were dancing and dressed this way because they felt its perfectly normal no matter what by standards my have to say. When I took this picture the guy with his hands on his hips seemed to be curious as to why I was interested in taking his picture just before they started dancing again.  

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