Month: November 2016

Killings of Black Women

NORTHRIDGE, CA— Black women are the most educated group in America representing eight percent of the nations population. Fifty percent suffer from domestic violence and police homicides. Unarmed black men and women are nearly killed at the same rate, but Black women killings go unnoticed in media.  Wall Street Journal There is a modicum of […]


Should Donald Trump Win Presidency

Five reasons if Trump wins presidency there will be undeniable racist things happening in America. Mexican Immigrants won’t have it easy to cross the boarder with a huge wall in their way of discovery.  Trump repeatedly claimed that on 11 September, 2001, there were thousands of Arab-Americans celebrating in New Jersey after two planes flew […]


Unarmed Black men

NORTHRIDGE, CALIF—  A study conducted by the F.B.I found that 34 percent of black men are more likely to be killed by police officers, although blacks men and women only make up 13 percent of the  population. Law enforcement agencies are not required to report police killings. NEW YORK TIMES Increasing numbers of unarmed black […]