Should Donald Trump Win Presidency

Five reasons if Trump wins presidency there will be undeniable racist things happening in America.

Mexican Immigrants won’t have it easy to cross the boarder with a huge wall in their way of discovery. 

Trump repeatedly claimed that on 11 September, 2001, there were thousands of Arab-Americans celebrating in New Jersey after two planes flew into the Twin Towers. 

He says such public demonstrations “tell you something” about Muslims living in the US. However, there are no media reports to back up the claim.

White Supremacist will antagonist people of color. There will be surveillance on US mosques. Trump believes Muslims should be watched by law enforcement as a counterterrorism initiative. 

He has walked back some comments about keeping a database on all American Muslims, but says he doesn’t care if watching mosques is seen as “politically.
There will be strong interrogation  in its fight against the Islamic State. The candidate said that these methods are "peanuts” compared to the tactics used by the militants, such as beheadings. 

Trump would “bomb the hell” out of ISiS. He claims no other candidate would be tougher on the Islamic State and he would weaken the militants by cutting off their access oil.

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