All Women Count


Trump issues executive order barring travels from six Muslim nations seeking visas.

Photo Credit: The Independent By Lisa Pasha

The executive order states Iran; Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia have heighten terrorism. The suspension will take effect March 16. The travel ban placed refugees at a disadvantage. Los Angeles California is filled with international travelers and families especially women who have come here in hopes of a better life. California State University Northridge 

C-S-U-N professor of Asian International Politics, Keiko Hirata said,
“Trump administration doesn’t admit it’s a Muslim ban. Iranian families can’t enter. Many travelers have been banned at airports, detained and refused entry on flights here to visit loves ones. Especially women wearing Jijabs felt threaten. Keiko also stated the executive order is bad for the US, reputation, and the country will lose its leadership influence of international relations.”

Trump’s plan also suspended entry of six Muslim-majority countries for 120 days to detect and review vetting. Chief of staff Reince Preibus says this ban doesn’t effect green card holders. There are now a limited number of refugees allowed in the US under the new order. The entry has decline from 100,000 to 50,000. Section one under policy and purpose in the executive order states the Refuge Admission Program (USRAP) plays a crucial role in protecting the country from terrorism.

Photo credit: The Wrap By Jordan Chariton 

C-S-U-N Social Work, Decker James said the U.S was built on immigration.” This is profiling. Attacking women for wearing scarfs and dresses, is totally uncalled for.” “Its racism, anyone that doesn’t look like me blonde hair and blue eyes is in trouble.” 

“Its very hard to have a conversation with cynical people. Trump doesn’t support women. The women’s March is evidence of the pain taking place in our country today. James believes that women are not going to break the glass ceiling with Trump in office. “

The immigration polices and procedures has caused friction in families and Muslim travelers. 

Today marks International Women’s Day. Across the globe women and men are expressing their thoughts by demonstrating marches in solidarity. Hash-tags are also trending on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

By Sanestina Hunter 


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