Get Clear!

Ever Wondered Why That Beautiful Face In The MIRROR Isn’t Clear?

Simple… Ready?

Dirt loves to hide underneath anything. A human face naturally contains bacteria.

Photo Credit: Lux Health

Skin changes and regrows every day. When not clean properly, skin screams suffering, drastically as dirt digs deeper, and find places to spread the bad guys. Yes the bad guys! Make up; plastic surgery, or eating right can’t hide the embarrassment for long.

“Its sneaky claws creates black-spots, and bumps (Also known as pimples).”

Pretty Dramatic? but its a no brainer. If skin is not cleaned thoroughly every single day. (Precisely, at least three times in a 24 hour period, for best results).

Let’s talk about the Evolution of dirt. Shall we? Dirt. Dirt. Dirt. Yuck! Yes. It has a mind of its own; and controls other dirts comers. Especially new dirt with his friends. Sounds like a democracy? Not cleaning a beautiful face, gives Dirt governor over it. Also germs can live on skin for days, nights, months, years, and even centuries. That Beautiful Face, becomes dull, dull, dully, dry looking. You could now be cast in The Walking Dead.


Problematic No matter how old or young. Its okay. Acne can appear at any age. And dirt has no discrimination. Dirt is pretty general. But, of course normally during formative years, acne appears bright and bold. However, when adulthood approaches, it’s a whole different ball game!!! Dodgers anyone? There are follicles to worry about; anti aging, acne scars, lines, sun spots, and sunburn. That detail will have earned a blog of its own.

Hydrate The most significant factor on this Blog.

Hydrate and love yourself. Drink water everyday. The body needs it. Water cleanses the system of impurities; including our faces. Anatomically, humans make up 60% water. The remaining 40% comes from nourishment, and exercise. Checkout how much water your body type needs here. Also consider this Free awesome Water App reminder. Set notifications.

The Routine It’s a boot camp mentality!

Fair enough? Everything, and sometimes anything can attack the face. When leaving the house. It’s a great idea to wear sunscreen. The shade of skin doesn’t matter. Research shows wearing sunscreen, protects skin from radiation damage; plus the formation of sunspots. Remember! Sunspots are those black specs which resembles pimples? Yuck. Next, keep pillowcases and bedspreads clean. It’s a good habit to store and wash pillow cases weekly.

Finally Keep the body and mind healthy and happy. Be Free.

Eat fruits and veggies. It’s hard sometimes, I know! But, most vegetables and fruits contain 90% water. For instance; strawberries, cantaloups, honeydew, watermelon especially, and blueberries. As far as veggies goes, broccoli; edamames, string beans, salads. Kale are the most enriched veggie by the way.

Mix it up Add lemons, limes, and fruits to your water. (Infused) Consider sparking waters. They’re really great tasting. Some include, S. Pellegrino, or Perrier. Keep it interesting and fun!

Photo Credit: Life Hack

Just Clean Your face. I’m not a doctor. But I prescribe common sense! It’s the best way to solve problems.

Recommendations: What worked for Sanestina may not work another Human.

Acne:“Oil Free “Acne Stress Control scrub $6.99 by Neutrogena
Cleaning:“Soft Clean” Moisture Cleanser by Estee Lauder $40
Refresher: Morning Burst by Clean and Clear $5
Water Fiji, Trader Joe’ (Spring water) and Evian $3-5
Educate yourself
Women’s Health Blog,
Clearing it Up,
The Real Dirt On Your Face

By Sanestina Hunter with Contributions from Life Hack.

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