A Millennial’s Quick De-stressor.

How to reduce stress and quiet the noise? It’s easier than you think!

Stressed with graduation approaching, midterms, and bills. A multi-media job in Los Angeles can get busy. I created easy tricks to calm the nerves.

                                          Photo Credit: Health Line

Phase 1. Cleaning that nice car gives the brain a positive distraction. My Jetta could use a wipe down, so vacuuming, changing out the little trash can in the back seat, and adding new air freshener, instantly released stress. It felt great! Taking the car through the automatic car wash worked just fine. FYI there were cute guys around this busy lot. Experts say when things are clean the mind begin’s to relax.Total time fifteen minutes.

“Too much stress will cause the
body to age rapidly.”

Phase 2. Visit an animal shelter. Animals are known to be great companions. But also effective for reducing; stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and other psychological issues. Simply put, interacting, with dogs, and cats, calms moods while releasing those magic feel good chemicals known as endorphins. However, owning a pet is an alternative way to keep stress levels down. My interaction with a Yorkshire was very satisfying. They are lovable sweethearts. Total visit twenty minutes.

“Stepping away from the routine
eases the mind.”

Phase 3 Turning off the external noise. Television, playing music on our phones, or in the car, is a sufficent way to decrease stress and frustration. We may not realized that the brain needs a break too. Being still, I felt a change in my thoughts towards peace. Sometimes hearing nothing we hear everything. Total time full day

                                                      Photo Credit: Ebony Magazine

Phase 4 If you’re an introvert or ambivert like me then walking around the mall alone is actually fun and calming. Taking my time, I got my eyebrows arched, Starbucks ice coffee, and brought fashion jewelry. Yes, simple and easy enough? Doing these things while secretly onlooking the crowds helped takes the mind off it’s own problems. Learn to enjoy the moments. Don’t believe me? Try it. Total time killer thirty minutes

Phase 5 Get out to nature. My friend and I randomly decided to visit one of the most popular lakes in San Fernando Valley. Yes, beautiful Lake Balboa. We grab food at Pizza Rev including a big salad, and headed there. It was awesome. The weather was nice, calming with gorgeous trees. Lots of kids playing; duck feeders, dog walkers, and folks laying out in the grass.

                                                                        Lake Balboa Park

It was the perfect leisure activity.Great talks and laughs, for a park that filled hundreds of families. Parking was easy. Fun fact. It’s necessary living in Los Angeles to be a confident driver. As soon as we arrived ironically my sister and her soon to be husband were already there, enjoying the outdoors on this Saturday. Total visit including pizza pickup and drive, one hour thirty-minutes.

                                           Sanestina and Friends

Millennials want it quick and easy. But we also have to understand when its time to take a break from reality; social media, phones, texting,and just enjoy life. For example, spending time with friends, family, and even animals makes us happier significantly reducing stress. Pausing the world to breathe is rewarding. Check this out.

By Sanestina Hunter with contributions from the Atlantic and Health Line

Educated yourself,
How to stay calm when under stress by Daniel Levitin
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