The Audition Room

Not as scary as it looks, well maybe?

My first audition was pretty interestingly scary, and full of the unknown. Ironically, I was more excited about booking an audition than getting the job.


                                         The Audition Room

Submission Less than one week after signing up for Backstage I was booked to audition for a game show. Sounds pretty cheesy right? Rather, than a dramatic small roll for a television series or film, my job was to be a contestant on a game show possibly winning $15,000 dollars. 

The Unknown Excited while devastated, this weird creepy guy walks over to me and said, “Hey are you Sanestina Hunter,” Yes that’s me. “Please sign here, and have a seat.” “The casting director will be with you shortly.” There I sat in the lightly tented quiet room with empty chairs surrounding me with three other hopefuls in booking one of the game show contestants. It was so awkward! They seemed stressed with pale faces, overworked and nervous. But what made me so different? Maybe relaxation and perspective? Let’s be honest, my intentions were different.

Experience Ten minutes later a lady walked out one of the mysterious doors as if she had the longest day ever. She looked down at the clipboard on the small table in the middle of the room. Attempting to pronounce my name “Sa-nes-stina?” Politely smiling and correcting the casting director its Sanestina! “Hello” I shook her hand. Tasha she informed. Follow me. The private room was filled with bright lights, and large drawing boards. There were also three windows if that means anything. 

Tasha asked a bunch of general questions she already knew. For instance; name, age, hometown, hobbies, and dating life. I found the questions amusing, but learned the purpose was observed how well I spoke and interacted on camera. After the first set of questions; the next were an array of trivia. The real Deal. “Who won film of the year in 2015?” “How much did Fifty Shades of Gray make opening night?” ect, ect. Meanwhile, standing there trying not to feel nervous with the obvious answer. I shouted “B and C.”

 Yes, that’s correct. But your other two answer choices are wrong. Sorry, Thank you. Have a great day!


Photo Credit: The American Academy of Dramatic Arts

Apprehensive I thought to myself, that’s it? This is an audition? A piece of cake! Why would anyone feel nervous about this? Arrogance got the best of me because I was so scared and insecure of the auditioning process after so many years. This moment signifies a first lesson and training grounds to improve.  

Confidence The audition only last for less than six minutes. Wow! How fast can you walk into a casting room take a deep breathe and leave? Should I have asked for notes on what what was good or bad? I think not. Auditioning is all about seeing and feeling who will be the right pick for the story from thousands of applicants. Having confidence and knowing that you are right for the role is enough. Go in positive. Own the room and walkout knowing you did your best work. That’s it. Think about what the casting directors are strategically searching for not BOOKING THE JOB.

Energy and Experience Its all about energy. When its right the job is yours. Yes simply put. Rejection simply means go another way, try something different. I never knew what the audition room would entail. But it was nothing like my fears had place it out to be. Auditioning is also a time where performers prove they can do the job. Acting jobs are based on skills, talent, and looks. Remember, when there is confidence actors can book anything. Its a give in take.

Believing in yourself is significant to surviving the longevity of the business. 

Acting is creative. Creativity is the backbone of this business. Aspiring actors and actresses almost aways have to be multi-talented. For example; singing, dancing, writing, playing an instrument, producing, even directing will be useful.  A loving charismatic personality will take you far, anything is possible. Why? Because you never know what you will be put up against. 🙂


By Sanestina Hunter with Contributions from Backstage

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