Yorkshire’s Journey to Sanestina

Life has it’s way of rewarding those who work hard.

One of the most expensive dogs in the world is mine at a price money didn’t buy. Ask and you shall receive Matthew 21:22


                                        The Magical Yorkshire 

The Process Yes, he’s magical. This little guy came to me just in time for my Birthday March 19th. It was a long journey after disparately wishing for a Yorkshire to adopt for months. I begin searching online for weeks day and night, but nothing happened. Every Yorkie I tried to adopt someone beat me to the punch or the owners rescued their dog back. How iconic? The search slowly became exhausting and frustrating. There are so many adoption centers in Los Angeles like SEAACA and Agoura Hills Humane Society. Non profits usually use the same portals. For instance, Dog Finder, or Adopt-A-Pet, are the main holders for these separate centers and locations across the US.

History Yorkshire are amazing dogs. Originally from England their purpose was to chase mice in the clothing mill. But these small breeds are a fashion statement and social class. Yorkies are very high maintenance dogs. These dogs are catered to simply because they are what they are. Sweet and cute, they don’t have to do anything but be themselves. They have personalities of their own, and likes to be in control, and overtime represents mirror images of the owners. 

“Trusting that everything happens for a reason gives you everything.”

Let Go What’s meant to be will be. When you love something let it go. I love these dogs but letting go just a little while surrendering to the fact that it might not happen in time for my Birthday actually released tension. Meanwhile, for two days I didn’t search any websites, apps, or visit animal shelters. I just took a deep breath. Gratefully, after a few days I received an email from the RescueMe organization. The guy and his wife wanted to meet with their dog. It was the perfect Yorkshire, beautiful, brown and male. The exact kind I wanted. I told them this dog would be the perfect birthday gift, and the next thing I knew is he was all mines. 


                                 Park’s Enjoying His First Night

Faith without work’s is dead. I believe this is one of the most overlooked scriptures in the bible. If you don’t put effort into want you simply desire then how is it going to come into your life. Fruit is only grown when it is harvest. Believing into the size of a mustard seed is the start, but it must be worked on daily and mediated. I am please with my Yorkshire he’s awesome. His personality is very demanding, but obedient at the same time. There is a healthy balance which I love. 

The energy of attraction is real. Trust this my friends. Know you can understand why I mentioned early that this dog is like “Magic.” He represent’s essence of  the exact image in my dreams. Understand, If it belongs to you then no one else can take that away. 

 Vibrant and Blessed. I am excited and vibrant to have this little fellow in my life. A mother of a dog this is a feeling that is unexplainable. Ya know. Sometimes the little things are a big deal. Cocky enough. I believe and know why I mostly recieve everything I want and that’s simply because Its meant to BE.

By Sanestina Hunter with contributions from Pet Wave

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