Good Clean Fun

“Having fun is a significant part of life.”

Not all Birthday celebrations end in a drunken night but rather calmness and pure love on a mountain. 


                                Runyon Canyon Hiking

Growth The outdoors can be a way to inner peace. Runyon Canyon was a great experience. The place was amazing. We hiked the mountain for hours facing our fears of not falling on our asses. Okay. Okay. Sounds too good to be true? Yeah, well maybe you’re right This year for my birthday all I wanted was to enjoy the day and reflect on the long journey it has been. I’ve come a long way, but I’m here to share that one of the most significant part of journey’s is Growth. Are you growing or wallowing? If family, co workers, friends aren’t adding to your life; I bet it’s hard to grow and feel supported. Sometimes it’s better to be alone then hangout with the wrong people out of fear and loneliness. Birthday’s are a time to look at how far the years has taken you.

“What’s not nurtured can’t grow.”


                                          A Fun Filled Day 

Free This day was filled with fun, and a lot of physical exercise. Not only outdoors but indoors as well. For instance, my friends and I decided to attend Sky Zone, which is an indoor trampoline park. Yes, we are big kids, but its important to keep your inner child’s peace of mind. It keeps you free. Why grow up and be stale? Our visit to the trampoline park we probably burned more calories then we put on. This experience felt so freeing. Nothing could compare to jumping up and down as high we could go, well at least me. I think I had the most fun. I was all in it with no filter, just, loving and letting go of all the weighed me down. It didn’t have any power. Sadly, not every adult can jump, so just being present in this type of active environment can give the same pleasure as if you were right in the action with the younger kids and adults.

What do birthday really mean? The first thing to realize are that birthday’s should represents a turning point in wisdom, but also experience. Every year, I on this day, I decided to do something that I have never done before, or go somewhere that I’ve never been, and if I am not excited to go anywhere than that means I’m doing something wrong, or something went wrong. 

The Flash Back It’s important to acknowledge your born day but also reflect. Three years ago I’ve drove to Los Angeles in my 2004 Dodge Neon, and decided to move to this magical place. It was one of the most exciting days of my life. I was crossing a bridge, from good to greatness. I guess I believed in myself then because I knew I had what it takes to survive in this big expensive city. The plan was to first finish college while work, and staying healthy which is quiet crucial as a new adult on your own. “Believe it or not”. Sounds easy enough?Next after graduation the plan is to pursue theatre arts and become and actor and a writer. So far my subconscious is sticking to the plan. The message is sometimes when we take small steps towards bigger goals we end up receiving more because we have kept the momentum going. Kaizen

Philosophy This Japanese term has recently pop in my head, it “One Small Step Can change Your Life.” Robert Maurer, P.hD. this book signifies the essence of what it means to take small steps towards what the bigger journey entails. As an illustration, all alone I was doing this. But my name for this practice was called Baby Steps. Baby steps was a fancy way of keeping things together, but one step at a time. Like I would just only focus on one task, for example, passing a class, but keep my mind on it for the entire semester. Honestly focusing and just trying to past myself with one skill became challenging for me because I would always find something to distract what I was doing. It could be anything. Like a guy I was dating, or perhaps, something would happen in my family, a fight with my mom, or just simply stress. I had to mediate on the things I want and mattered in my life. One I begin to medicated everything would fall into place. 

“Sometime giving yourself a personal intervention is the best truth to treasure.”


                                 Photo Credit Barnes and Noble 

Journaling is a powerful entity. Keeping a record even just a small one can have positive changes and holds one accountable for achieving big dreams and goals. Journaling has always been sort of like a secret power of mind. I have always used it as a way to calm myself, keep record, but most significantly journaling symbolized prayer and inner dialogue. It was like writing on a mirror except the reflection are the words that most captured moments of happiness, pain, pleasure and even lost. It almost works like therapy, but free.

 Jotting down things that are frustrating, or even happy thoughts can keep a  person in the right mood, always coming back to what works. I believe journaling helps people get to know themselves. Each and everyday there is something that is new or a memory that becomes a piece of treasure. This is something valuable that cannot be replaced.  Year after year I journal. I’ve been journaling since I was about ten, and on and off throughout my adulthood. In 2012 I made a serious committment to journaling, and now I’m on my 6th journal. Yay, congrats for me.

By Sanestina Hunter

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Prolific Living Getting to know yourself. 


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