Not so nice Unicorn Frappuccino

Tasting the new loaded sugary drink gave immediate surprising reactions. This short lived Unicorn maybe better off once it leaves the menu for good.                                             Unicorn Frappuccino  Update Today marks the last day to take a nice high ride on the colorful Frappe sold only at Starbucks. It will get you going Unicorn Style. Don’t be alarmed. This Frappe has levels to it with seven flavor changing colors. First it’s sour then it gets really sweet and fruity as the … Continue reading Not so nice Unicorn Frappuccino

Kendal loves Pepsi

Super model and TV star Kendal Jenner upset fans over insensitive Pepsi Ad.                                                New York Times   Little did she know the commercial was spitting on the forever protesting and civil rights of minorities especially African Americans. Many of Kendal’s supporters were outraged and took to social media expressing that the Ad mocks Black Lives Matter Movement.  Pepsi’s spokesperson released a statement stating “The commercial was created to bring unity with all the crimes and racial tension happening in … Continue reading Kendal loves Pepsi