Five must have items on-set

Working film, television, or commercial sets often have long hours and unpredictable circumstances.  FYI Film and television jobs have no time clocks. Living in a make believed world. Who needs time right? As an actress or actor make sure you have these five items in your bag. Production never really know exactly when its a wrap.                                               Work Entertainment Deodorant.  Go to your nearest convenience store and grab this item. I was on set for a television show similar to … Continue reading Five must have items on-set

When is the right time?

Sometimes leaving a job or a breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend is never the right time. Or is it? How do you know? Easier said than done right? It may be complicated to know when its the right time to end something. Here are five reasons to let it all go with just a little planning. Planning goes long way. Its suggested to have some sort of plan that will get you through the big change. Letting go of a job, career, friend or significant other has to be done if you’re not growing, happy, or benefitting in a … Continue reading When is the right time?