Therapy is Therapy

Social Media is not a therapy session, stop posting the goods! Yes, you read correctly!! Just stop! The millennial generation is full of talkers, and many of them like to post all their thoughts good and bad on the web. Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter should not be taken for-granted. Hello! Employers? Ex girl friends and boyfriends can witness the drama!! “Bye Felicia” Get a grip and use social media to have fun, and share positive things in your life, Good grief.          Photo By The Juicy Gossip  Its amazingly sad to see users post the worse of … Continue reading Therapy is Therapy

Why I drink less Coffee and more Tea’s?

Let’s face it! Coffee is loaded with powerful stimulants known as Caffeine and other antioxidants. These powerful beans are like pure magic. Many coffee drinkers turn into Super Hero’s.                                    Painting by Lauren Whittier Coffee Who? Coffee is a quick fix drink highly consumed by the busy bodies of the world. Many of its consumers have no idea how good or bad it is for health. Its not a thought, all that really matters is that you have the coffee is your hands at the start … Continue reading Why I drink less Coffee and more Tea’s?

Adult Day Camp!

Working as a background actor is similar to child daycare… Yes!  I mean it. One of the most common ways actors  from all over the world come to places like Los Angeles and New York is to break in to the business of acting, through background. But lets get to the point. Why is background acting   is secretly like adult daycare camp. Stage One Background Acting is a tease to acting doing the real thing. Background just like anything other actors is booked for their looks and sometimes talent specialties. But background actors are under full control most of … Continue reading Adult Day Camp!