Why I drink less Coffee and more Tea’s?

Let’s face it! Coffee is loaded with powerful stimulants known as Caffeine and other antioxidants. These powerful beans are like pure magic. Many coffee drinkers turn into Super Hero’s.


                                   Painting by Lauren Whittier

Coffee Who? Coffee is a quick fix drink highly consumed by the busy bodies of the world. Many of its consumers have no idea how good or bad it is for health. Its not a thought, all that really matters is that you have the coffee is your hands at the start of the morning. 

Starbucks coffee  for instance, is served on every neighborhood corner in America. One can think of coffee as an upscale liquor store. Some locations are open 24 hours a day making it assessable anytime. But  who actually needs that much coffee so late at night. Well, perhaps living in New York makes perfect sense because the city never sleeps. Zzzzzz

Statistics  “Coffee is an addicting stimulant that can be hard to remove from diet.”

Yes, I said drug. “Coffee is a drug.” 

When ask serious coffee drinkers if they are addicted? Common answers stated, “It gets me going, “If I don’t have coffee I can’t work normally.” 

“I get headache’s, If not consumed daily.”

Sadly, Dehydration is one of the biggest warnings with high intakes coffee. One reason for this dilemma results in studies showing that water is never uniquely  followed after having more than 16 ounces of coffee in a single day. 

Studies also show dehydration and headaches often occur when coffee is not  followed with water after the first two cups. The body learns to adjusted to the poor routine which creates addiction, mood swings, agitation, cloudiness, and other chemical imbalance symptoms. 


                                               COFFEE VS. TEA  

Balance is Key These two partners in crime work better together. Although teas are generally less expensive than coffees. It contains 85 percent water, where as coffee is concentrated with numerous of stimulants which causes several things to happen at once focusing on the central nervous system. Its not secret that coffee is known to alter moods changing the chemistry brain  reducing the oxygen flow.

Realize that water should be followed sooner than later  after coffee. 

Why Tea? Its pure and great tasting with nearly almost anything you can think of. Which will you choose? Hmmm


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