Therapy is Therapy

  1. The Washington PostSocial Media is not a therapy session, stop posting the goods!

Yes, you read correctly!! Just stop!

The millennial generation is full of talkers, and many of them like to post all their thoughts good and bad on the web. Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter should not be taken for-granted. Hello! Employers? Ex girl friends and boyfriends can witness the drama!! “Bye Felicia” Get a grip and use social media to have fun, and share positive things in your life, Good grief.


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Its amazingly sad to see users post the worse of the worse, its almost like were in high school or something. If you’re mad, not getting alone with someone, then so be it, that’s life. Get over it. Unfortunately people are going to hurt you, just be careful next time. Keep the sugar to yourself, (if you know what I mean).

We must recognize social media in the right context.

 Social media is not just a entertainment tool. Social media is also used to spy on people, investigate were about’s, even malicious intentions. This portal is probably used for other things were not aware of, but do we really need to get into that? In final, social media has been placed on a hierarchy which dictates whether or not someone will unfriend; follow, chosen for a job, and even to date. Yes, its simply that cruel. Social media is now the first encounter before taking the word and embracing the presence of the individual.


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Social media should not be used to vent personal problems for the world to view.

What is therapy anyway? Therapy is more powerful than one may think, and there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. Therapy can help transform your life in a better direction. The cost of therapy is worth the medical benefits or paying out of pocket. This form of cognitive science is nothing more than an ear to assist the wounded. According to Huff Post, here are 4 Ways Everyone Can Benefit From Therapy.

In this fast pace world were busy overworking, stressing, and paying more bills than we can probably handle. However, if not careful we can get lost in our thoughts and within ourselves. Here’s the good news! God is here for everyone and we can be our own therapist, but sometimes having the help of a professional or higher power can relieve the pain more clearly and sufficiently.


          Photo By  Jenna Gainsboro

Does therapy really work? Try it! “Sometimes we must let go of everything we want in order to gain everything we deserve.” Stop gossiping to others about how much you hate life, (or even yourself) It is not right. God is here to help us all in a unique way, start with Him or get yourself THERAPIST!!!

Take care of yourself. Surround yourself with the right people and have fun!

By Sanestina Hunter

Educate yourself

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