Why Fjallraven Backpacks Forever?

Quality over Quantity, these regular and mini sacks are worth the investment!

urban outfitters Yellow ack

“Invest in yourself. Invest in the best.”


Year after year, or every few months buying backpacks is a waste of money! Rather, for multi purpose, school, or just to carry a ton of books; why not purchased one that last a life time? Why not KANKEN?

Babyblue mini sac
Frost Green~ Urban Outfitters


“A Backpack that last forever!”


My Story…

When I discovered “Kanken” the style caught me by surprised! Shopping at Nordstrom last fall these power packs are so cute and popular! But, I delayed the purchased and conducted research to learned why the expensive cost and popularity?




After investigating, I found they’re mostly used for outdoor adventures like hiking, camping and other spontaneous things! Personally, I would stray from light colors. Light colors collects dirt more quickly! For instance, my first Kanken was turquoise, after a month or so I disposed it. Go darker for everyday use!

 “Checkout the Dirtiness!”


Darker is Better


Expensive Taste

Fjallraven Kanken averages $100 in retail stores like Nordstorm or Urban Outfitters. It’s worth the price, trust me!!! And they come in “Mini Sizes” as well usually, half the price $40-$50. Pick your favorite color, invest in something greater!


Black sack
Water Resistant Backpack


A Little History.

Since 1978 Ake Nordin sketch a affordable functional pack with plenty of room. Kanken helped Swedish children carry heavy books to school every day. The Swedish population suffered from back pain. The problem affected schoolchildren greatly until Kanken!

Kanken Kids



Thanks for reading

~ Sanestina 

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