My Last Minute Travel Shopping Guide!

The 48 Hour Hunt Before Departure is Genius!! I believe everything happens for a simple reason. My reason for last minute shopping, provides a sense of urgency and spontaneousness.“It becomes a mission to get the exact items before boarding.” Meanwhile seeking those last minute items feels really good. The consistency, tricks and innovation it takes to get those boots, lotion, or jeans, requires diligent researching to make it happen. However, what’s surprising is that we learn so much along the way. Our creative genius works wonders for this scavenger hunt. Go To Travel Items Fiji Water 300ml. One of the … Continue reading My Last Minute Travel Shopping Guide!

Thoughts… After Moving to LA!

I love This Place! Its A Lot of Fun! Time Fly’s! “Literally.” The Journey of Dreams  In 2014, I moved to Los Angeles to finish college in the San Fernando Valley. A city twenty minutes north of Hollywood. One of the best decisions I’ve made. Los Angeles is full of talented people and everyone’s obsessed with working out. ——–Oh and yes, of course, I’m in the Entertainment Business. Why would you think otherwise??? LOL After graduating in 2017, I am now pursuing acting, screenplay writing and other creative development project are on the way. It’s definitely hard work, along with … Continue reading Thoughts… After Moving to LA!

Why I Love…Making Fruit Bowl’s?

“Eating Fruit Gives Powerful Benefits; Artificial Sweeteners Never Will.”

Most would agree, “HEALTHY” simply means, eat the right foods; think positive, and exercise daily. But we also know it’s consistently easier said than done. The best way to motivate yourself is to start with what you already love. For instance, I love strawberries. Adding strawberries to my diet daily is —-the best thing. Strawberries provides significant benefits which may surprise you.   Continue reading “Why I Love…Making Fruit Bowl’s?”