My Last Minute Travel Shopping Guide!

The 48 Hour Hunt Before Departure is Genius!!

I believe everything happens for a simple reason. My reason for last minute shopping, provides a sense of urgency and spontaneousness.“It becomes a mission to get the exact items before boarding.”

Meanwhile seeking those last minute items feels really good. The consistency, tricks and innovation it takes to get those boots, lotion, or jeans, requires diligent researching to make it happen.

However, what’s surprising is that we learn so much along the way. Our creative genius works wonders for this scavenger hunt.

Go To Travel Items

  1. Fiji Water 300ml. One of the best clean waters, no chloride. Perfect Air Travel. Meets size requirements. (Depending on the flight duration, 2-3 bottles are great!)


Sleeping Mask. Bed Bath and Beyond $5.99


At some point naps are needed. While traveling, time zones change and we may are Jet lag.

Travel Containers

2. (Target Or Bed Bath and Beyond).

Both retailers stock BPA free travel bottles, which are perfect for liquids or creams for carry on. Airports have a zero-tolerance policy for anything over 3oz.

3. All Aboard.”Must Haves.” $10

4. BOOK’s on BOOK’s on BOOK’s.

During the Flight. Please don’t stare into space, or sleep to your Arrival.

READ. READ. READ, or Write something!! It’s about visiting a new place, not entirely sleeping during travel destinations.

By Sanestina Hunter


#travel #lastminute #fun #shopping

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