Thoughts… After Moving to LA!

I love This Place! Its A Lot of Fun! Time Fly’s! “Literally.”


The Journey of Dreams

 In 2014, I moved to Los Angeles to finish college in the San Fernando Valley. A city twenty minutes north of Hollywood. One of the best decisions I’ve made. Los Angeles is full of talented people and everyone’s obsessed with working out. ——–Oh and yes, of course, I’m in the Entertainment Business. Why would you think otherwise??? LOL

After graduating in 2017, I am now pursuing acting, screenplay writing and other creative development project are on the way. It’s definitely hard work, along with many opportunities, and meeting great people.

Class of 2017

           I’ve have been Starstruck??? For about a year meeting celebrities like Loretta Devine, Luis Guzman, Rockmond Dunbar, Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Scott Foley, and many others in work places or out and about. Now its not a big deal. Although still exciting.

Production – On Location 

Why I chose Los Angeles? It’s always been a dream since age ten. This is when I learned and knew I would move to Los Angeles. Something about it felt magical, more than I probably understood at the time. In college, I actually studied Broadcast Journalism.

Creative Development 

Making dreams come true is the best feeling in the world!!!! And knowing what our gifts and talents are can help others do the same. Everyone has something unique to give the world.

By Sanestina Hunter 


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