How Many Ways To Prepare Mr. Potato?

I love potatoes! Potatoes are beneficial to a healthy diet joined with other foods…

1. French Fries

brown potato in front of french fries
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So maybe by accident I discovered HOW many ways to prepare various kinds of potatoes! Let’s start with the most common ones. When I tell you potatoes taste better from home… Please believe me.. Here are some of my favorites, Russet, Purple, Sweet/Yams, and Dutch Potatoes.

   2.   Broiled Purple Potatoes

Purple Potatoes

  Potatoes are magical! Something this good, luckily is also low cost! Grocery stores like, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and Whole Foods are perfect places to shop! The Richness, is solely cooking  VARIATIONS of potatoes, so let’s dive in!

3.   Roasted Potatoes

baked potatoes with rosemary garnish
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Dill Roasted Potatoes, perfectly compliments a Caesar Salad, Sparkling  Water and or Ice tea.  Click the link for easy preparation!

4. Baked Yummiest!!!

Purple and Brown Potatoes

Collectively, potatoes provides fiber, protein, iron, and as I like to call it, the good starch.  I bet you’re wondering, how can it be good starch? Well my friend, starch that’s NOT genetically modified is usually resistant. But this powerful tasty vegetable are also packed with vitamins which nurtures the body good. Humm 🙂

5. Lastly, Never Forget Sweet Potatoes Fries

Image result for sweet potatoes fries


Guaranteed Benefits from Mr. Potato Man!

  • Just 110 calories.Mr._Potato_Head
  • No fat, sodium or cholesterol.
  • Nearly half your daily value of vitamin C.
  • More potassium than a banana.
  • A good source of vitamin B6.Fiber, magnesium and antioxidants.
  • Resistant starch.
 Enjoy making great Potato Meals! Thank you! Contributions from the Food Network


By Sanestina Hunter

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