Sugar Cravings Overdose…Lesson Learned

Oh yes… How tempting; Cupcakes, Cookies, Gummy Bears, M&M’s, and Chocolate Covered Almonds… Mmm

pexels-photo-853006.jpegSTRAWBERRY CUPCAKES

   Its difficult to resist sweets most of the time, especially, after long days. Sugar is a powerful and addictive chemicals making foods pleasurable and enjoyable…. Sounds dramatic?? I know but it’s true……

pexels-photo-799255.jpeg       Don’t be that girl who needs a donut…

Its not easy to just stop indulging in the good stuff!! Come on… lets be real here. Food is a go to for almost every emotion. Hungry. Sad. Anxious. Worried. Happy. Celebrating. Watch those carbs girl.

Good Sugar vs Bad Sugars 

The good news is, we can limit the amount of sugar and TYPEs of sugars we eat! Yes, you read correctly. For instance, high-futose corn syrup, is one of the worst popular sugar ingredients in almost everything like, cereals, juices, breads, cakes, and yes of course soda’s.

Too much of this is not good.


Good Sugars will only be found in fruits. Fruits provides many benefits to a healthier lifestyle. Now who wouldn’t want that!!! 

         I’ve had my fair share in moments of weakness, when I just needed Mothers Animal Cookies. But take note in how much process sugars your eating because its not pretty. 


Remember……Good Sugars will only be found in fruits..

By Sanestina with contributions from

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