Why Ex-Boyfriends Can Be Good News?

     Okay, before you say “Girl What’s Wrong With You?” Please…

Let Me Explain.

My ex-boyfriend of five years ago has somehow secretly managed to remain connected. Nothing changed, and I could never understand why the significance to keep updates even after blocking his information. This guy persistently found a way back in my life every few months.

But now I know…Why?

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“Good People Are Hard To Come By.” In other words, “Real recognize Real.”

       Random text messages makes sense now…Usually when couples breakup its over, Right??? However, some actually stay friends. The romance obviously died, but the friendship survived.

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The appreciation to care how I am doing, is no longer taken for granted. My family barely checks in.

(That’s another story).

Honestly, he probably enjoys watching my success, which I respect. Although, beforehand I hated the idea because ex-lovers usually never get alone.

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     Could his checkups be regrets? I often wonder this aspect of his pursuits. Maybe being apart of my life is still the goal.

*Could this be something amazing that I am just realizing?

Could he actually be the one? 

*There are so many things to consider but why I should care?

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   Reality,  I’ve tried consistently to get rid of him for years. However, something keeps bringing us together. The energy is strong and the love is there. It’s the most preculiar thing I’ve witness in life. And to be honest, it’s pretty scary. I’m Trusting God. My ex boyfriend’s loyalty could be a Cry Out for help!

God Bless!!!

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By Sanestina

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