How To Build A Healthy Relationship With Money?

   7 Reasons —WHY MONEY IS KING???

Ever hear the saying, “Money is the key to happiness?” In most cases money management is simply common sense! Money changes how we live receive, spend and save. Respecting money is the best way to have lots of it!!!

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                         Buy Rihanna’s- Bitch Better Have My Money

1. Facts

Learning to save is equivalent to survival.

Money is King for survival.

What is survive? Food, Water, Clothes, Housing, Transportation, and supporting our families, etc....

 EVERYTHING cost money to stay connected!!!!!

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                                                    Money Management 

2.  Reality  I bet you are thinking, “I’m sure it’s not that complicated.” Well, it’s not, but many Americans have difficulties saving. According to Bankrate, 65% of American’s save little or nothing! The majority earnings are spent on living expenses.

  3. Let’s Keep It Real! Incomes less than $2,000 depending on responsibilities, is advised to save at least $300 -$500 monthly. If you make more than this maybe How To Build A Healthy Relationship With Money? blog doesn’t apply to you, so were all GOOD!!!!

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By Hello Beautiful 

4. Now –Let’s Break it Down Shall We!!

RENT – $700 ROOMMATE or REGULAR Rent Average

  • PHONE $60-$100
  • GROCERIES $100

        TOTAL= $1300-$1600*********** INCOME =$1500

5. Commit to Save $300-$500 Monthly, If not SAVE 10% minimum weekly, biweekly or Monthly with every check! I know its challenging, but this will surely build the Confidence to RESPECT money while also understanding the Blessing and Privilege to EARN it.

6. Less Starbucks! Don’t try to play me…. Everyone on Plant Earth loves Starbucks, maybe all expect 1% of us!!! The Starbucks Company is one of the wealthiest businesses in the world. Prices increase every few years.

However, its a business and its also consuming all of your golden dollars. It might help to put this Giant Coffee Company in perspective. For instance, STARBUCKS is a treat rather then an everyday need! Lets be real!


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Starbucks Coffee

Remember saving small amounts %10 is better than having $0.00 consistently in the bank!

7. Giving Is The Fastest Way To Receive!!

    Many who lack money, also direly complain their unhappiness with life. The Bible say’s complaining is not a good thing. Luke 6:38 “Give and it will be give unto you.”

 Give money, love, help others and you will surely receive the same.


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By Sanestina

Educate Yourself


Bonus . DIY- (DO IT YOURSELF) Everything we see has been CREATED by others like you…. SOOOOO, make Your Own coffee, or buy Starbucks in bulk, shop smarter (sales). READ BOOKS on things you want to learn, instead of paying for it.


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