My First Bikini—— Wax 👙

4 Things To Do Before A Bikini Wax….Why the first time is painfully obvious???



      Thanks to European Wax Center my first full bikini wax lead to new beginnings       into womanhood. Need I say more? The entire experience was “Horrific,” but it’s a first time for everything right? The waxing lasted 15 minutes. (A pap-smear isn’t this intense.)  The terrifying wax experience brought out all sorts of moans, groans, shaking, and yelling. Okay, maybe not the yelling part. But the lady was still nice and “PATIENT.”


Before going in for a wax, make sure you do these 4 important duties.

  1. PRAY The first time is scary. Let’s be real!!! Your private areas are exposed. Hot wax is place on and off your flower. And the little kitty or big kitty is reluctant to this procedure. IT HURTS GIRl! But you will get through with a nice bikini line. 

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           Be Professional & Clean… 


2.  NO BLEEDING- Please don’t go during your period. It’s disrespectful and rude, but some nasty girls do, and the smell could cause the waxer to quit her job immediately.


Image result for clean bikini waxes


3.  RELAX- I know it’s easier said than done. But telling yourself this trick, actually works and you’ll be surprised by how brave you are. Relaxing, is also helps the person conducting the procedure. There’s only so much the waxer can take creating a Bikini, or Brazilian waxes.


“Pretty Hurts” 


4. WAXES ARE SEXYIt feels good, after it’s all said and done. Having a fresh bikini line makes you a new women. Now its time to wear all the sex swim suits without feeling hairy…. Have fun. Take Good Pictures. Repeat. 

Image result for clean bikini waxes



Thanks for reading!!

By Sanestina Hunter


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