5 Reasons Why The Lip Bar—Is Better?

The Lip Bar– A Vegan & Cruelty free lipstick line satisfies beyond pretty pouting lips. This brand challenges beauty standards with healthier options! 

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  1. Matte Styles -Waterproof lips for 24 hours. Your Lips are SOFTER. HYDRATED and PERFECT for the day.

The Lip Bar

  “Changing beauty standards one day at a time.”

2. Non Toxic & Colorful with ingredients you’ll love! 

  • Avocado oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Jojoba
  • Phthalate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Vegan/Cruelty Free
  • Hand-crafted


3. Bold Inclusion- It’s not about the money completely. Founder, Melissa Butler, dreamed of something better than the average LIPSTICK! She desired for people of color to wear the best cosmetics.


Melissa Butler

4. Your lip stick won’t look like this…

Bad lipstick 2





The better the lipstick the less it dries up! Most brands are created for quantity with horrible ingredients like;

  • Phthalates
  • Lead
  • Quaternium -15 and Other Formaldehyde-Releasing Preservatives
  • PEG Compounds
  • Butylated Compounds (BHT, BHA)
  • Parabens

“Lips peel, and breakout with bad lipstick. Ouch!!!”

Image result for bad lipstick ingredients


5. Quality is Key The Lip Bar” sells at your local Target just $12.99


Image result for the lip bar target
The Lip Bar

By Sanestina


Thanks for reading!


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