Best 2018—Ugly Christmas Sweaters🎉

The Countdown to showoff Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Holiday Parties! Leggings & Ugly Sweater Vibes~ Last minute celebrations are always fun! The goofier the better! I love this creative cup design, … Continue reading Best 2018—Ugly Christmas Sweaters🎉

5 Classy Ways To Dress Leggings!

Leggings are not just for workouts, flaunt flawlessly in these styles!     1. Trench Coat Elegance requires no introduction! Black leggings creates boldness with little effort. The red stripes stands out modestly. Leggings … Continue reading 5 Classy Ways To Dress Leggings!

The Cutest —Gift Ideas Under $30

The most stressful time of the year can break the bank. Try these gift ideas for more savings!   Starbucks Everyone loves a good cup of coffee, frappuccino, or tea! … Continue reading The Cutest —Gift Ideas Under $30

5 Reasons Why “Turtleneck” Season Is Sexy?

It’s that time of year to standout with the sexiest “Turtlenecks” styles and colors!!! AUTUMN/ORANGE- This golden standard style fits properly, you won’t feel like your choking! “Turtlenecks” are sexy, comfy, and conveniently reasonable sweaters for … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why “Turtleneck” Season Is Sexy?