Here’s Why Bandolier Will Save You Hundreds!

Tired of shattered iPhone screens? Why not invest in something protectively fashionable and save.



Bandolier is Genius.”

Finding this love, immediately became an obsession! Discovering an alternative way to keep my iPhone safe from clumsy cracked screens; literally brought tears of joy. Although, the resistance to buy another unproductive fashionable case was the hard part. Bandolier SAVE ME HUNDREDS, BUT before finding this brilliance, I desperately searched Google. (Phone scraps) (Phone chains). I knew something serious and protectively fashionable EXISTED.

Cute Bandolier Black Girl

      Lucy Pebble Leather Bandolier Storm/Sliver



BANDOLIER (Phone Necklace) WOW! Expensive, $107.51, But sooo worth the investment, especially after excessively pondering to buy for weeks through out the day. And… I don’t regret it. BANDOLIER changed everything not just my life, but the way I valued my iPhone. It’s not just a phone, its also a business. These gadgets are like BABIES. Let’s just be honest for a second!


Pretty Black Model Silver Bandolier

                                                       A Typical Day with Bandolier;

  •  After using my phone to text or make calls, I simply drop it, and the glass does not shatter.
  • My iPhone is in good hands, resting comfortably cross-body, and looks perfect.
  • So Many Compliments; “Oh my gosh…where did you get that?”                                                                       “How much did it cost, that’s so cute!”
  • “People approach without caution, you become a magnet rocking this fashion statement.”


Love What You Rock!—-  Appearance is sometimes everything!


 Nordstrom sells the Sarah Leather Bandolier. Never worry about dropping your phone or clinging to a crack screen. Bandolier is one of the most trusted trendy brands in fashion today. They’re known for creativity and boldness. Each style caters to uniqueness. “It’s worth every penny.” Trust me!

 Bandolier changed my life forever. Seriously! iPhones are a liability. Yes, liabilities because they’re costly. Shattered screens are also dangerous, annoying, embarrassing. However, more significantly, iPhones are used for everything; like checking bank accounts, emails, paying bills, games, oh, yeah updating social media. These little computers are like business partners working 24/7.



Thanks for reading!

 — Sanestina



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