5 Reasons Why “Turtleneck” Season Is Sexy?

It’s that time of year to standout with the sexiest “Turtlenecks” styles and colors!!!

  1. AUTUMN/ORANGE- This golden standard style fits properly, you won’t feel like your choking! “Turtlenecks” are sexy, comfy, and conveniently reasonable sweaters for holiday parties, work or just out and about! Find at Anthropologie!


“Warm sweaters are sexy!”



2.  ALL BLACK EVERYTHING The sexiest “Turtlenecks” of them all! Personally, I love to wear all black skin tight turtlenecks! Black goes with everything! You can find this style and others at Urban Outfitters under $19.

“Thick or thin styles are elegant!”


BLUE Turtle


3. BLOSSOM BLUE- Winter Vibes! Great color for cold winter looks! Blue is also calming compared to brighter sweaters! This cozy blue style is the perfect addition to your “Turtleneck” game! Find on SHEIN $16.


“Be bold with color changes”


Afro red Sweater
H&M Model


4. FIERCE RED- Just in time for holiday pictures! Yes! Fierce red excites the day cheerfully. The perfect color to compliment Christmas and New Years! End 2018 with a statement! Rock this turtleneck style carelessly. H&M just $14.99


Thanks for Reading!!!




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