Best 2018—Ugly Christmas Sweaters🎉

The Countdown to showoff Ugly Christmas Sweaters and Holiday Parties!

Belk Model

Leggings & Ugly Sweater Vibes~ Last minute celebrations are always fun! The goofier the better! I love this creative cup design, it’s interactive and a bold way to standout at parties!


“The life of the party.”

Express Model

2.  Santa’s Little Helper~  Cheer on with this simple style everyone will love! Hooded elf ears brings out a cute playful side!


“Creativity is Freedom!”




3. Classic Movie Themes~  An engaging way to start the night grand and humorous with family and friends! Bright colors always makes a statement outside the standard colors! (Red/Green.)

“Step outside the box.”


Kohl’s Models

3. Twins~ Share this look and memory with your bestie, or significant other! Perfect for pictures, pranks and all body types! Enjoy these last moments of 2018 into the New Year!


“Boldness Last Forever!”


Kohl’s Model


4. Its All About the Lights~ Less is more… I love the bright lights and scarf on this adorable reindeer! The Christmas snowflake patterns are focused profoundly! (Dark blue jeans are recommended.)


“Stay Unique!”


H&M Model

5. “Let It Glow.”~ For guys it’s easier! If you like fitted masculine sweaters, this look is for you! But make sure to style appropriately! There are plenty of nasty sweaters out there!

“Goodbye 2018.”


ASOS Model


Thanks for Reading!

~ Sanestina

“Happy New Years!”



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