Start 2019 Like A Boss!!!

Whatever happened in 2018 you made it successfully to a New Year, congrats! Now…boss up with these 4 power moves!

Cute All Black Yoga

  1. Love 
  2. Self-love… A natural feeling every person should have. But obviously this trendy hashtag, serves complications for most! Love is kind and beautiful, and never unsure. Without pure self-love you Can’t truly love someone else and attract better!


       Power Moves~ Anything or anyone who discourages confidence in Your, dreams, growth, or ideas, walk away quickly! For instance, a job, friends, family, significant other or ex lover. Know yourself and where you’re going.


“Protect Your Freedom.”



2. Success

When I think about Success I think about Happiness!!! Success is not measure by material things or a career! But simply, how you feel in your own skin! The world can be harsh one moment and encouraging the next! Knowing who you are and balancing yourself is true Success…Of course a nice paycheck wouldn’t hurt!


Power moves~ I feel most successful when left alone to write, journal or read books! Moments like this are precious because it is where I Restore. Create. and Manifest new ideas! A busy career or job sometimes becomes overwhelming. Silence is a powerful way to reset, freeing yourself from, the noise, long days, and opinions of others!


“Look at the future Bright by being Bright.”



3. Money

We all need it. We all want it. And… I’m here tell you, We all need to SAVE it! Having access to money no matter the amount is a blessing! Sadly, many lack or can’t get enough money in this world. Learning financial literacy will only you help produce more in the future. Let money Work for you!

Power moves~ SAVE! This Boss move is very significant. You don’t need a man or family to buy you Anything! “Be A Women of Influence!” Money directly influences how we LIVE! Invest in ROTH IRA’s, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, and other entities of passive income!


“According to Forbes, 44% of Americans don’t have enough cash to cover a $400 emergency.”




“Be Relentless!”

4. Boss Up~

A week in 2019 is gone forever, but success lives on! Here are tips to stay on board!

  • Face everything that scares you
  • Remember, true love is kind while, infatuation always hurts in the end (heartache)
  •  Happiness is Success! (A lot of people have everything, but remains unhappy!)
  • Self-care and alone time is prominent!
  • Give/Volunteer (it not always about you).
  • Reach financial goals by saving, investing, and tithing!
  • Consistency is Key!


brown coat




Thanks for Reading



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