Why—Long Puffers Are Must Haves?💙⛄️

Warm and sexy looks better on you! Checkout these long-wear winter looks! By~ Sanestina


long winter wear
“When opportunity meets preparation.”
  1. Forget Your Cold Weather Worries~

 Own your go-to winter styles with class, especially for travels, or quick outings! Puffer jackets are made with 100% polyester, wool  and other fabrics to secure a warmer winter! Stay bold in thicker coats perfect in 30 degrees!

“Winter Vibes.”


bakc to back long coat 5
“Long Legs Is Life.”

2. Long and Classy Reveals All…

I love this look! And…yes it is fine to wear leggings under Down Jackets! The obvious, greatly depends on Your weather conditions! Here, in Sunny, Southern California,  we create cold weathers… well at least in Films/TV shows.

Style is almost everything in Hollywood! We love to show off and strut fashions all day long! Bright lights and cameras make dreams come true! Meanwhile, social media overloads and detoxes are common! These jackets are must haves for late night filming in the cold.

gold trum 4 long coat
“Stay prepared so you won’t need to get ready!” 


“The cold never felt so Good…”

3. Whole Body Feels~

Waist jackets are fine too, however some are worn inappropriately with under garments  out. I know you’ve seen it. Don’t be HER. Cover up! The right guy will find you even dressed in thick layers! (just saying) Down coats fits all body-types the right way.

“The Fur Look!”


“Shine Bright Like A Diamond.”

4. Colors Compliments~

Ahead of the game with lasting uniqueness! This ruffle wear takes flawless to a new level. A head turner. “All the way around!” Shop at your local department stores. Prices range from $200-$500. Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, Canada Goose, The North Face, Kate Spade, Micheal Kors, and of course Nordstrom!!!


cherry red long puffer
“Color Vibes.”

Thanks for Reading!

By Sanestina







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