7 Tips—For The Hottest Vest😍

Sleeveless never looked so HOT in all seasons, occasions and personalities!

buttined knitted vest 2
Zara Model

Buttoned Knit Sweaters  ~     Her way. Her Style. Her Confidence.

  1. Details are everything in rounded neck vest! Zara’s golden ribbed skirt brings out her inner and outer beauties, with perfected bedded and metallic highlights. The 5’10 model shows off her petite posture in studded combat boots! Add, jewelry to easily extend all styles! Get yours at Zara just $25.99


“Jewelry extends beauty.”


fur vest
Akira Model 

Call Me Queen Faux Fur Vest ~ Take me to Narnia vibes

2. Simple elegance goes a long way! Her black turtleneck sweater and jeans, solidly compliments this fur vest! Stay in control. Step outside flawlessly! You have places to go and money to make! The queen faux vest fit all – 100% polyester lining. Dry clean only! Read my turtle-neck blog and learn how to wear one!!! Get $54.90 on Akira

“Step outside the box.”



madewell shopbop jean vest
Madwell Model


Keep it Original ~ Baby Blues 

3. I love this wear. Kinky hair and all! Takes me back to the 90’s, when jean jackets, and baggy clothes became popular. Her plain white collared t-shirt refreshes the dark blue vest and light jeans! Great for casual days at work or festive weekends. Click here to rock this look!


“Black Girls Rock.”

Image 2 of WRAP VEST from Zara
Zara Model 

Pure Perfection~ Fierce at it’s finest 

4. White wrap vest speaks boldness. The 5’10 model owns her look with perfectly slanted body! A choice of shirtless wear depends on the occasion or personality perhaps! This long vest challenges cleanliness through the day! Just $35.99 at Zara.


“All White Party.”



Athleta Model 

Workout Vest ~ Sweat with comfort…

5. Quick jogs or runs suits this look comfortably! The Athleta vest warms your neck and back with it’s elongated collar. Stretch pants are nice for all purpose workouts. Stay cool, fit, and healthy and burn those calories. Shop fitness vest $61-$100.



“Feel good in workouts.”



Gap Model


ColdControl Max Sherpa Puffer Vest ~ Freestyle

6. Floral highs all day for little diva’s! Gap for kids cute fun white vest coordinates her choices well. Pockets designed for candy and keeps hands warm on cool breezy days. Rock with any color jeans, and long sweatshirts! $34.99 Click here



“Dress Freely.”



military long vest
Nordstorm Model

Military Inspired Longline Vest ~

7. Modesty speaks volumes where ever you go! Inspired gold collar, front end pockets, and skinny jeans prepares for busy days! Long sleeve turtleneck stripes are flawless! Great wear to auditions, nights out, or headshots. Get at Nordstorm $59.97 



Love Love Love… and Love



Thank for Reading!

By Sanestina


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