Stay Shady In These Top Sunglasses🌼😎

Love and Protect your eyes fashionably with every move and style! 


Model/Actress Sanestina 

Ray-Ban Light Shade~ Busy Body

Life in Los Angeles speaks for itself! It’s HOT all the time, and some days are overcast. I love to rock darker sunglasses with every chance of exposure! The sun never take breaks, instead UltraViolent (UV) rays work harder! Eye protection are must haves fashionable accessories!

  • 100% UV 
  • Shaped Oval
  • Slip Free

“Think protectively and fashionably.” 


Slide View: 1: Ray-Ban Round Flash Sunglasses
Urban Outfitter Model 

Ray-Ban Round FLASH Sunglasses~  Mirror yourself 

Retro metal sunglass gives extra shine for glossy days! This brand blocks also more than 99% of reflective lights! Wear these for the ultimate swag attitude! Ray-Ban’s multi-mirror glasses has two two jobs; reflect your image and the worlds! Get now $178.00

  • Perfect nose grip
  • crystal lenses
  • curve brow bar

“Love Your Reflections.” 


Urban Outfitter Model 

Nova Slim Cat-Eye Sunglasses ~

Stray away from usual shapes with these cute sexy, slim fierce frames! I love this look for fun nights out! Nova, cat style compliments high cheek bones, and leaves a mystery behind! Click here to find your under $20

“What’s your fashion identity?”


Slide View: 1: Solar Specs Vintage Orbiter Round Metal Sunglasses
Urban Outfitter Model

Solar Spec Vintage Orbiter Round Metal Sunglasses ~ Stay Shady

Starch and glare resistant glasses gives 100% UV/ UVB protection! Fit most facial shapes perfectly with nose slides. Remember, darker shades always work best to hide bright lights and high sun exposure! Click here only $26!

  • Slip Free
  • Silicone Nose Pads
  • Optic Quality



“Shine Bright Glare Resistant!”


Thanks for Reading 

By Sanestina


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