Ivy Park Vibes🔥

 3 Ways— The Beyhive🐝brand inspires discipline and play!


Ivy Park

The Breakdown:  “Ivy” inspired by Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy, and “Park” represents the power!

Beyonce: “There are things I’m still afraid of. When I have to conquer those things, I still go back to that park. Before I hit the stage, I go back to that park.”



 Where’s your park? 

Sanestina: “When I need to get back in balanced, my park is on a yoga mat…. here, I sit in silence, reconnect and get inspired!” 💛

3:4 modeling shot
Model Sanestina


“The park became a state of mind.”



Top Shop Model

Shine in this silver sequin midi skirt match with the crop top by Ivy Park! Sparkle confidence wherever life takes you!

Tips: Great lounge look with friends, or to dinners! Dress with sliders or sneakers for relaxed days!


“I pushed myself to keep going, it taught me discipline…”

~ Beyonce


                                                             Shopstasy Model

The Athletic wear inspires discipline, hardwork, and consistency in her fans. It’s all about the mind, stay positive! Don’t Quit! “Girls Run the World.”  Rock this look on your next jog, run or gym trip! Get now!


“The park is what made me who I am.”



Top Shop Model


Asymmetrical Logo Cut dress gives the ultimate beyhive🐝 vibes! I love the turtle neck-bold logo design. Show off your Ivy Park wear! Get this look!



More Ivy Park Accessories? Click here





“Get in Formation.”


Thanks For Reading

By Sanestina 


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