4 Ways To— Stylishly Beat Monday Blues!

kate spade white purse
Kate Spade New York Model 


1. The Casual Work Look

Add flare and take jeans to new levels! I love high-waisted skinny jeans. Light colors are nice for office wears to quickly  spice up your fashion game. Get this style 

White flare stripe top shows a sexy comfort side and personality ready to tackle whatever the day brings!


“Confidence looks better on you!”


pose 1
Model Sanestina 

2. Earth Tone Vibes

  • Olive green pants, autumn orange shirt works great for auditions!
  • Perfect for photoshoots.
  • The short booties shows VERSATILITY and ATTITUDE! Get this style

Leave the house and own your look! Fast pace lifestyles can overwhelm at times, especially in busy cities like Los Angeles where everyone’s on the go, or stuck in traffic! Stay ahead and let fashion rule!

“Standup to fear boldly.”


Kate Spade New York Model 

3. Profession Office Wear

Get this style

  • Light colors gives calm personas while dresses allow openness!
  • The two mixed together works wonders!
  • Flats are nice for long days, so strut your stuff in similar wears and let fashion take over the day! 


“Girl Boss.”


Lulus Model


4. You Are The Boss?

The CEO of your company never looked so good! Haha, yes! No matter what the day may bring, keep shinning and believe! CHALLENGE the day with glamour from home or on the go; STAY READY! Get this style


“Compete With Yourself.”


Thanks for Reading

By Sanestina


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