You Are Your First Love

Happy Valentines Day—-💋🥰

The Love You Seek Outside Is Already Within..

Self approval comes from within

A super fun day of devouring chocolates, wine, and chick flicks films usually describes my Valentine’s Day… and probably most single folks.

But instead of allowing singleness to feel lonelier as COUPLES expresses their love.     I celebrated the women I’ve become! Why not celebrate yourself too? Seeking validation in others is disappointing and shows lack of confidence and dignity!



Singleness is Sexy too

In case you forgot! Valentine’s Day promotes seduction, and excessive spending. Remember that 4 Letter Word we all seek can only come from purely within!!!   Show YOURSELF extra LOVE and celebrate the women you’ve become fashionably!


“Love is patiently kind.”


Thanks for Ready

By Sanestina


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