Are You Exclusively InStyle?

BloomingDiamonds– Inspires confidence in women through fashion! I bet your wondering what’s the meaning behind the brands motto? Keep reading to find out more!

Harper’s Bazaar Models

The name speaks for itself.

BloomingDiamonds– “Just Shine…Unfold. Flourish. Naturally.” Represents someone who’s coming into their own. It takes pressure to create beautifully shaped diamonds.   


 It starts with confidence. Each step you take into the right direction makes a big difference. That’s when the magic happens! That’s how BloomingDiamonds are formed! Stay Exclusively InStyle and fiercely shine throughout the process. Your own sense of style extends beyond clothes, shoes and handbags. The higher the confidence the brighter the shine.

Street Style Model New York Fashion Week


Everything you want to accomplish has to be released into the world. Just as flowers begin to unfold, so shall you! This can be a business idea, a novel, or design apps, ect… Whatever you give attention to transpires and reveals itself.


A living organism can only breathe in life. I always like to say, LET yourself be successful and you shall be. Flourishing is powerful because as we prosper, and respect the things desired that’s true success! A healthy flower blooms quickly without doubt in the right soil, light and surroundings more beautifully.

Carolina Herrera Models


Go with the currents not against it. There is no struggle, when it’s right it’s EASY!  The things that comes naturally is what you should pursue! Of course if it also encourages growth and happiness! Remember never imitate someone else. Just be yourself 100%. That’s how you stay Exclusively InStlye beyond fashion!

Model Sanestina


Thanks for Reading!

By Sanestina


Blooming- -come into or be in full beauty or health: flourish, thrive be in good health. Diamonds-  having precious stone consisting of a clear and colorless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance. 

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