Girl You Have The PowerđŸ”„

3 Fierce Moves To Level Up And Breakthrough!


1. Jump —

Hesitation kills vibes.

When you JUMP with confidence into the things desired, God take cares of the rest! It’s important to trust and have faith in yourself. Believe you will receive your wishes and you shall recieve them. Nothing happens overnight, and nothing simply happens if you don’t JUMP.

You Have Power  Listen to your gut feelings they never steer you wrong! If someone or a situation doesn’t feel right, truly believe it. Remember, if you aren’t prospering in the career chosen; job, or have good relationships, ect… something’s terribly wrong, and it’s time for a makeover.


“The glass is always half full.”


Vogue Model

“The path should be rewarding.”


2. Protect Your Bubble

Enjoying the fruits of your labor is a must. Protecting your space is everything! Sometimes its hard to believe that others don’t share the same kindness. Instead they find faults, pretend to care or support you!

Personally, I’ve experienced this dilemma. It’s traumatizing, especially with DATING, and certain family members who literally drains my energy! I learned the hard way how to protect my space, what I shared and realized people true intentions.

“Don’t share everything, have secrecy.”


Vogue Model 


3. Reward Yourself 

This is significant! Every step of the way matters, believe me. The world is changing rapidly! When you conquer goals or tasks, no matter the size, it counts. Treating yourself and showing compassion builds confidence and accountability!

I love to buy books, shop, go to spa’s and travel! Planning road trips or visiting undiscovered areas in Los Angeles are exciting excursions! Little things makes a big difference!


You Have The Power

to create

the life




Vogue Runway Model 




Thanks for Reading



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