5 Tips— To Summer Ready😱👙



1. Bikini, Shorts, and Swimsuits

Swimsuits are all about CONFIDENCE, it doesn’t matter if you decided to rock underwear with mini tees. What matters is that you feel and look good to take those hot selfies. ASOS sells the best summer clothes, you’ll love! Never leave the house without a swim suit this Summer because so many surprises are in store for you!





Good Vibes Only

2. PASSPORT- $150

Because “STAYCATIONS” are out of the question, and taking spontaneous trips are a non- negotiable. Something fun must transpire summer 2019. Having a passport, will make random decisions to travel alone or with friends easily decided…

Keep in mind, obtaining passports takes a few months to process and receive. Check your local post office for more information. Places to go: London, Colorado, or New York




It’s All About How You Feel


3. Perfectly Packed Bags

Packing your bags with these “Must Haves” are crucial! Stay ready, so you do have to get ready! Water, sunscreen, sunglasses, vitamins, and book/magazines are the perfect essentials to always carry!



 Keep Calm    


4. Positive Attitude

Protect your Aura, everywhere you go! If your highly intuitive, or sensitive like me then you probably pick up other peoples energies very easily.  It’s important to keep a positive attitude and understand you’re responsible for the energy you bring. Studying journalism in college, I was very outgoing and shy at the same time I had to learn the hard way to be confident on air. 


Journalism Squad 2016


5. Free Yourself….




Thanks for Reading 

By Sanestina 


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