3 Ways To Wear “High-Waisted” Denim Shorts

Drift Off To Summer In These Statements Pieces

SUMMER is all about showing off skin, hard work and creating beautiful fun memories. Simple high-waisted denims will get you ready for hot dates and easy travels. Never underestimate what looks good on you! Zara’s 2019 Summer Collection is a great place to find demure fashionable treasures. Details Sanestina.com


Zara Model


The 5’10 model flexes in her perfectly crafted cornrows, ripped hi-rise blue denim shorts and white shoulder-less flare top. This look will give you a fierce attitude and plenty of pockets for languorous beach days!

CONFIDENCE is everything. Look your best and don’t be afraid to wear unique styles. Only at Zara $39.90

“Show Off This Summer.” 


Zara Model



Interior elastic belt shorts represents a classic approach to ankle wrap sandals and long sleeve button-ups. It’s a gorgeous piece that works well rocking an elegant short cut afro and red lips. Elevate your closet today. Experiment by adding wide legged styles.

Daydream into summer even when cold breezes takes over. Keep it classy and love what you wear!! Get now at Zara $39.90

“Love What You Wear.”


Zara Model



Love the curls and hi-waisted authentic denim “mom fit” shorts. This wear says everything summer moods are all about. Baggy styles are sexy, especially in low-heel leopard sandals and “skintight” long sleeves. The gift of long legs speaks for itself.

Secure yourself in flirty and fun relaxed pieces. Get at Zara $39.90



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