Endless Summer Tops

 Summer is all about #FreeTime and #Fun

Zara’s Summer19 Collection showcases hot colorful, “Must-Haves” tank tops. The perfect touch for beachwear, dinners with friends, or just swinging on that cabana! (haha).    Take this moment to refresh effortlessly!

Truth Moment,

“I am so proud of myself! #Summer19 has been busy fun, inspired by bold moves, beach trips, shopping, and tons of reading! Yikes…” 

Zara Model 5’10

“YELLOW” Lace Fever Crop Top~

Cute and Sassy! I love this crop top, it shows all the sophistication you’ll need to keep a fresh look as late #summer settles.  This V-neck crop top has thin adjustable straps, with inner lining at the bust and elastic details at the back. Great with lose jeans, (90s style) shorts, and skirts…


“Feel The Heat.”


Zara Model 5’10

White” Halter Top~

Let it all hang out in tops that shows unique curves, and confidence! The art of style is so powerful! This Round-neck short halter is perfect for parties, shopping, and hanging out with the girls! Remember, versatility goes a long way in the most simple #chic wear!


“Summer Escapes.”


Zara Model 5’10

Sequin Wrap Top

Loving the skin your in is a freeing powerful experience to own! I love, love this style. My ultimate summer #mood. This V-neck spaghetti strap top, ties nicely with side closures, fits well complementing a silky approach to endless summers!


“Be Active. Live Freely.”

Let Fashion Lead… Trust Your Styles Authentically 


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