5 Timeless Styles To Rock Now

Embrace the new season as #Summer19 ends with timeless fashion forward designs.  Relaxed attires sets the mood right as Fall approaches warmly. Personally, I’m a sucker for easy looks and kind words!!! (LOL) My off days are soooo special! Most of the time its a beach day, or shopping! Take your off time seriously; go to the best places that elevates your soul and do NOTHING!

Truth Moment:

“Not judging myself has been the greatest “re-gifting” present this Summer. Something about happiness, that radiates on a women’s face is PRICELESS.”


“True Love Respects.” 



NA-KD Black co-ord Logo Track Pants 

Street-styles excites the day with the old school 90s twist. Matching jacket and sweats highlights an organized persona and sex appeal. Rock this statement piece and standout! Only at $38 ASOS

Outfit Details: Stretch waistband~Branded taping~Fitted cuffs~ Regular cut


“Standout Proudly”



Pink/White Sweat Vibes 

The most laid back chic wear! Black girl magic! Its priceless and REAL. Easy to style fabulously!

I love the light colored pink sweats and dark pink highlights in the sneakers. Layered jewelry is everything, complementing her white sweater and long gorgeous braids. If your going on early morning hikes with friends, or breakfast after a fun night. This is a great statement piece!

Outfit Details: Light pink skinny sweats~white halter top sweater ~ pants pockets ~cuffed ankles pants


“Priceless Competition”



Yellow Linen 

The Brightest look for casual days, dress for comfort and exclusivity. I love baggy styles, its edgy for a “do nothing type day.”  Be free! Go camping, bike riding, run errands around town Get ASOS

Outfit Details:

Drawstring tie~ Wide leg Shorts~ Round neck slight curve t-shirt~


“Confidence is Light.”


I love this look! Sexy go-getter, wear! Boldness at its finest in white! Workout combo for relaxed off day! Perfect for yoga, hiking, treadmill, or dance

Fit For Anything

Show up in bold wears because you simply can. Tights can sometimes reveal more than anticipated, but its how you DRESS this style that makes a difference. ASOS white stretch shorts and peach halter sweater are my ultimate favorites. Remember bright colors gives a bold statement.

Thanks For Reading!

By Sanestina 



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