The Sexiest V-Day Surprises 😍😱

We all know Valentines Day is special and scared for couples and singles alike. It’s also a beautiful day to spend real time with your BOO and receive gifts. Checkout these simple surprises to create lasting impressions.

*Remember the right gifts are powerful and  priceless. 


Victoria Secret Model 


Yes of course. The #1 gift choice.

Lingerie’s wears are sexy, simple and most memorable. Victoria Secret’s styles are known to showcase the sexiest looks for women. The name says it all. The best kept secret. I love this look. Modesty styles are the most revealing.

-White Silk, Shorts, craved lace.


“Sentimental Surprises.”


Marc Jacobs Daisy Au Fresh 



Scents are everything! They bring feelings of nostalgia. The gift of perfume last long after valentines day have passed. I personally love this brand. Daisy Au Fresh by Marc Jacobs is vibrant, long lasting scent that everyone loves. A little expensive, but worth every penny.




Romantic Bubble Baths


Keep it Smooth

Enjoying a relaxed baths together is perfect than any gifts purchased… Even Dinner!! Creating the right mood with languorous candles, rose pedals, wine, is priceless. Rather you’re at home or on a getaway trip. Share this warm precious moment.



“Sweetest Memories.”


Godiva Chocolates 

Chocolate Always Wins

Of course you need chocolate. Everyone loves it. Even when they are mad. We love it. Godiva chocolate goes a long way and will always be an original gift! A box of chocolates are by far a lasting edible memory bite by bite.


Thanks for Reading

Happy Valentines Day

~Love Sanestina


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