3 Leisure Styles You’ll Love

Self-isolation can be a bore. But, here are fun comfy looks and “ACTIVE” ideas to make you smile!



1.Wear That Big T-shirt. 

Big extra long t-shirts are obviously sexy, comfortable and versatile. Feel good homebound all day. Add, lipstick, perfume, even makeup, “Just Because.” Remember, to always be your beautiful self even during self-quarantine. (If you’re working from home this can be a go-to option). 

Stay Active Tips:

  • Play and sing to musical favorites.
  • Create mini concerts while you’re cleaning, and making food throughout the day.
  • Catch up on reading those books that are collecting dust.


“Keep Moving In Confidence.”




2. Crop Tops & Biker Shorts

I love this look. Neutral colors are hot! Gray easily gives vibes of relaxation and calmness. Cashmere crop tops are fun looks. Stay fit and show off your curves in these perfectly fitted biker shorts. Simple details are always flattering.

Stay Active Tips:

  • Record fun short workout videos to share family & friends on social media platforms like TIK TOK and Instagram.
  • Enjoy dance competitions with the kids, and other members of your tribe.
  • Forget dancing and use those adult coloring books you bought a long time ago. (remember)


“Stay In Peace, Live Life.”



3. Alluring Yoga 

This adorable two-piece orange yoga wear takes the practice to a whole new level. A demure timeless long-sleeve wrap style will boast your day. Good vibes only are certain for this laid-back choice.

Stay Active Tips:

  • Commit to enjoyable YOGA stretches, like the, (Incline Plane, Tree Mountain, & Balancing the Cat).
  • Tell Alexia, to play meditation music, or sleep sounds
  • Of course, Netflix & Chill all day, BUT put yourself “FIRST”and get moving.

Thanks For Reading! 



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