The Best Quarantine Workouts

As we approach the end of March during this nationwide, “social distancing period.” Everyone is experiencing different realities. Some of us are working from home while others are having fun, bored or perhaps stressed. However, you identify, it’s significant to keep focused on whatever brings joy and peace. Examples, (workouts, family, friends, spiritual relationships, art, objects, or books, etc).

Take Care. Stay Safe


 “Stay Active.”




Squats Are Easy- How To Do Squats For Beginners?

Get your happy juice back and rock this Adidas fitness wear effortlessly. Create the energy you want to feel. (Try squats for five minutes) throughout the day. Resiliency is key. Inspire yourself, and get ready to sweat and take control over your mind and body.


“Baby Steps.”



Jump-roping (Sanestina’s favorite)- Learn How To Jump Rope

Jump roping is old school, but so new school. This cardio workout definitely keeps you on your toes. Endurance builds energy and stamina. Try jumping 50-100 times per segment (before stoping). Using jump ropes for fitness is a best kept secret. Its literally a whole body workout that releases a lot of excitement.


“Power Lives Within.”





Magic Ball- How To Use Fitness Balls?

Perfect for long days homebound. All sorts of rolling and sexy moves can be performed on this ball. Effortlessly. Fitness balls are also great for deep relaxed stretching. Take a few minutes to freestyle and learn what feels good. Remember, to breathe and enjoy.


“Love Yourself.”


Happy Reading



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