Adorable Bandō Tees To Brighten Your Mood

Dress your best homebound in these graphic tees that will make you smile sunny-side-up. Get excited, despite what is happening around you. Spring is still here, and its time to freshen up and BLOOM. What you wear can influence and brighten your day!

Ban.dō is a great place to shop online for uplifting clothes, fun ideas and inspiration. Click here to learn more. I love this place, it’s perfect for the little things that makes a big difference.

Take care



Bando Model



Fun pink graphic sweatshirt, definetly serves as a simple reminder to stay in the present moment. Take the dogs for a walk, check the mail, or pickup takeout. However, you rock this look, always keep yourself bright, bold and beautiful. Get now $64

“Being present,” just takes a little practice every single day. 


“Stay Creative.”


Bando Model’s Yes You Can Coffee Retro Tee

This exciting white t-shirt with red highlights, presents all the feel good vibes coffee gives us that only true coffee lovers would understand. Wear this Ban.dō tee with jeans, shorts, or sweatpants, while you’re working from home, or finding other ways to enjoy the time off. Get Now $42

“Remember to stay positive and let coffee do its job…”


“Keep Calm.”


Bando Model


Bandō Breathe Of Fresh Air Tee

Love this innocent off- duty look. This expression can literally mean a thousands things. like, loving yourself gives you a breathe of fresh air; Relaxing, gives you a breath a fresh air and so on. Bandō’s rose pink tee is sweetly soft and will make you smile.Get Now $18


“Ride Your Own Wave.”


Bando Model

Bandō  Take It Easy Boxy Tee

Stay humble. Everyday is different; so sit back and take things one day at a time. Reset in this comfy tee and keep your moods effortlessly  on point. Smiling is a priceless beautiful gift to yourself and others.Get Now $38


    Happy Reading




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