How Pop Diva Normani Flaunts Effortlessly?

American singer, dancer and former Fifth Harmony (5H) member Normani Kordei, 23 gives her fans a taste of nostalgia from the early 2000s hip hop era. Normani diligence creates fierce moves and styles that are inspired by the works of old school female performers, including Ciara, Britney Spears, Ashanti, Jennifer Lopez, and of course Beyonce.

In August of 2019 she released the hit singleMotivation,” which captures African American culture from beauty to eclectic hair styles; music, dancing, and fun camaraderie. In the video, Normani, transforms back to her childhood watching 106th and Park. A Hip Hop program on the BET network. (Black Entertainment Television).

Normani stayed true in those moments as she discovered her unique styles and love for  singing and dancing.



Ultimately Adorable.

Normani’s flaunts inspired 2000’s hip-hop attitude mixed with pop fashion.

Light blue overalls, white tank, leather short jacket and belt chocker.


“I’m gonna make whatever I do black. You’ll know I’m a black girl, even if it’s on the quote unquote whitest records ever.”




Curly hair vibes.

She slays in this gorgeous skintight tan two-piece.

A stunning look that meets the eye with posed and confidence. Normani loves to consistantly bring back 90’s era styles and make it better. Designed by Wayman B. and Micah McDonald.

“If they’re putting in five hours, I’m putting in eight.”



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Unique Fashion Approach

Normani, timelessly shows off black girl magic as she rocks her hair straight and wavy in a sparkly gray and black leather bodysuit. The 23-year-old singer definitely sets the stage strategically.


“I’m doing this as therapy for me— to be vulnerable in a way that I haven’t been before.”




“To my black men and women, we are like no other. Our power lies within our culture.  We are descendants of an endless line of strong and resilient kings and queens. We have been and will continue to win in all that we do simply because of who we are. We deserve to be celebrated, I deserve to be celebrated and I’m just getting started.”   ~Normani

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