Why I Love These Top 6 Music Artist?

Music is everywhere. We love it. We crave it. We need it. All the time… 

Energy from music connects us to all sorts of emotions mirroring what we feel, how we dress and sometimes even the choices we make. Music, aesthetically creates freedom as we escape with amplified thoughts of excitement, love, joy, happiness, or perhaps even sadness.

Checkout the most influential artist that changed my life forever….


1. Lorde

Pop Artist Lorde
This 23-year-old UK pop star is one of a kind!
Lorde’s euphoric energy is profound. She’s the first artist I’ve deeply connected with on multiple levels of creative geniuses.
Her vibe is unmatched.
Why, Lorde? I adore her oddities, personality and lyrics. Listening to her music, I always feel excited, and 1000% better, it’s magical… Her fashion styles are mostly dark and I love dark clothing. Its sexy!
Discovery—Shopping at the Forever 21 six years ago in 2014. The song was playing loudly, “Don’t you think its boring how people talk?”
At that moment, I instantly pulled out my iPhone, enthused by her boldness. Shazam, identified … Lorde Tennis Court. I’ve been a fan every since.
Latest favorite, Yellow Flicker Beat.

“Trust Your Vibes.”


2. Ciara

R&B Artist Ciara
 My 34-year-old musical twin.
Ciara’s reminds me of myself physically and spiritually. This naturally beautiful artist loves God, and has worked hard to overcome a lot of challenges in her music career and personal traumas.
Why Ciara? I love her vulnerability, its powerful. Ciara’s dance moves and fashions are simply unique. She’s classy and respects herself, as a star, wife, and mother professionally.
Discovery— High school, being a typical teenager, I fell in love with her debut song Goodies. However, over the years, I now love the comeback song Level Up.

“Be All Of You.”


3. Future 

Rapper Future
Future….. I don’t why I’m attracted to him… Maybe its the dreads….
This 36-year-old trap music artist has great motivational vibes, especially while running on the treadmill and jump-roping.
My workouts are better and faster whenever he’s playing in my ears and sometimes writing. Like right now. LOL. I love his voice and how he drapes himself in gold.
Discovery— Music channel, Turn off the Lights. I admire his boldness and confidence as a rapper. His songs don’t make sense sometimes, but they make me smile and laugh. New favorites are F&N and Promise U That.

“Love All Of You.”


4. Taylor Swift

Country & Pop Artist Taylor Swift
Taylor’s Love & Break Ups Songs Gets You Excited
The 30-year-old, Ms. Americana knows what she wants and stands up for what she believes in as an artist. Her savage attitudes liberates fans around the world with her boy crazy songs and anthems….
Why Taylor? I’m so valley, from a small town in Northern California, Livermore. I understand her vibes. I love her songs Blank Space and This Love🦋. Her music loves deeply.
Discovery— co-worker recommend the song, “I Knew You Were Trouble.” 

“Freedom Is Beauty.”


5. Lecrae
Christian Rapper Lecrae
Lecrae—His messages changed the trajectory of decisions and understandings as a Christian women.
The 40-year-old artist keeps it real. I didn’t know Christian rap was a real thing until I was introduced to Lecrae, hands down. His creativity celebrates the power of spreading light and love through Gods word.
Discovered—  A friend recommend in 2012. Favorite songs are Killa, Wait and Blessings.

“Music Is Healing.”

6. Kenny G
Music Simplified
When I first fell in love with the Saxophonist. It was with Kenny G.
This 60-year-old musician, perfected the saxophone as well as many others. However, Kenny G was my first venture into the jazz arena. The saxophone is forever my favorite instrument.
Kenny G sounds produces grand tranquility. Its makes me feel more peaceful, balanced and vibrant.
Discovery—  Out and about in 2012 shopping, when the song, After Hours was playing. It sounded amazing, something about the tunes resonated deeply. I now pocessed most his songs and albums, among other jazz musicians.

Thanks For Reading 




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